Stories That Lift the Spirit – Las Vegas

It’s been amazing to watch how the people of Las Vegas came together to help each in the face of recent tragedy. Goodness does emerge in the face of evil. We’re always looking for stories of people lifting the spirits of others.  Check out this amazing story from earlier this year. It’s a glimpse into how the people of Las Vegas look out for each other.


Lift The Spirit: The Places We Work

Work is an essential part of our lives. In fact, we believe we’re made to work. It’s part of being fully human. DEMDACO’s mission is to Lift the Spirit. That means all that we do is part of our work–whether it’s a report, a project, a presentation, or spending time helping one of our donation partners. It’s all part of the work we do. It’s all part of fulfilling our mission–Lift the Spirit. #liftthespirit #work