Rightfully Sewn: Keep Moving the Needle

Rightfully Sewn is one of DEMDACO’s community partners here in Kansas City. They provide seamstress training for at-risk women in need of job skills. They’re doing great work to change lives and influence an industry.  We’re grateful to be able to partner with them in this work.

Rightfully Sewn’s mission is to provide seamstress training for at-risk women so they can thrive in a specialized workforce that will re-establish Kansas City as an epicenter of garment manufacturing, while at the same time, propel Kansas City fashion designers to market so they can supply the burgeoning demand for high-quality, American-produced garments.

Find out more about Rightfully Sewn and ways you can get involved by CLICKING HERE

2 thoughts on “Rightfully Sewn: Keep Moving the Needle

  1. I was just brought to tears watching this! I’ve sewn my entire life, was a stay at home mom with 4 kids sewing on the side to supplement the family income and to survive a difficult marriage. After a divorce I followed a dream and went to school with 4 little kids becoming a Math teacher. Anxiety, depression and stress ended my teaching career after 5 years. I then leaned back on my sewing skills and worked for 2 companies, designer diapers and full time in an undergarment factory, bought my own industrial machines and made baby slings at home again to supplement my income. I’ve since then become disabled and now tend a new little grandson part time and enjoy having time now to sew for my family!
    I just am so grateful that you are giving skills to women that many people don’t seem to have any more. Sewing has saved my life financially and emotionally!
    Bless you for your efforts and bless the sweet women you are serving! And thank you for sharing this, my heart is full.

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