Messenger Coffee: Delivering Quality

At DEMDACO, our mission is to strive to Lift the Spirit in consumers, in each other, and in our communities. We’re always looking for other companies and organizations who share a similar view of business. Messenger Coffee Company in Kansas City is one of those companies. Their whole approach to business, coffee in particular, is to shine a light and lift up those involved in the process of bringing quality coffee to customers. They don’t believe they’re responsible for the quality of their coffee; it’s their responsibility to deliver the quality. Or rather, they’re the Messenger who delivers the quality.

Here’s how they explain their role.

The production of great coffee starts long before it gets into our hands. Our approach to sourcing is a part of the core philosophy of our company. We search for different varieties and processing techniques that impact the coffee’s flavor and allow these natural variables to change the cup profile. This gives our customers a complete look into the incredible flavors that are, by nature, coffee.

Because of Messenger’s similar view of business, we have chosen them to be one of our allied partners in DEMDACO’s new retail store which is opening in spring 2020. Our store will be located in The Legends shopping district in Kansas City, Kansas. The customer experience will be uniquely DEMDACO in that it will strive to Lift the Spirit of those who visit. There will also be a café in our store which will feature Messenger coffee and baked goods from Ibis Bakery. We’re grateful for companies like Messenger who understand the responsibility of business goes beyond a financial bottom line; that business is first and foremost a human endeavor.

Messenger works to build a business around that human connection.

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