Lifting the Spirit Through Literacy

“Third grade marks the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.” – Andrea Stevenson

Gallatin Valley YMCA: Bozeman, MT

DEMDACO’s mission is to strive to Lift the Spirit in consumers, in each other, and in our communities. It’s why we view business primarily as a human endeavor–not simply a financial one.

The Gallatin Valley YMCA in Bozeman, MT has been one of DEMDACO’s community partners for several years. Andrea Stevenson is the CEO. Her husband Kern works in Product Development at DEMDACO.

For the past four years at the Gallatin Valley YMCA their Y-Achievers program has helped local children increase their literacy skills. Every summer they’ve been able to measure and see the results of their work. Andrea said, “Every year, we’ve seen incredible progress in literacy between our pre-tests and post-tests. The average gain in the summer is one to three months of progress in six weeks.”

Learning to read, and read well, is one of the key skills needed to succeed in life. DEMDACO is grateful to be a part of the great work the Gallatin Valley YMCA is doing in their community to lift the spirits of children.

CLICK HERE to learn more about their literacy program and the many other ways they’re helping make their community a better place.

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