Kelly Rae Roberts – Artist Guest Post

Kelly Rae Roberts

by Kelly Rae Roberts

Hello! My name is Kelly Rae Roberts. I like to call myself a Possibilitarian.

I spent my early career as a clinical medical social worker — counseling patients and families through the fights of their lives. It was powerful, important work, but my heart began to grow restless when I was about 30 years old.

I started playing with paint. Everything changed. Painting brought me what I was craving: a new way to experience, translate, share, and be in the world.

An important part of my journey was realizing that I hadn’t abandoned my former social worker self, or the people I’d helped. I was still listening, sharing, healing, navigating messy emotions, making an impact — except I was now using a paintbrush in a studio, instead of a clipboard in a hospital. Same message. New medium.

About three years into my painting journey, I was asked to partner with DEMDACO. It was a perfect match as we share similar missions: to lift the spirit. Much of my art expresses the sort of healing messages I’ve always deeply believed. That we can be brave. That we are meant for the journeys of healing. That our dreams matter. That our stories deeply matter.

I am incredibly thankful for my long standing partnership with DEMDACO (almost nine years!). It’s been an opportunity of a lifetime to bring my art and its message to a broader audience.  I am so thankful to their vision, commitment, and way of doing business.

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