Cultivate Inc.: Bridging Gaps and Providing Opportunity

At DEMDACO, our mission is to strive to Lift the Spirit. We’re always looking for other companies and organizations with a similar mission. One of those organizations is Cultivate Inc. in Johnson County, Kansas. Cultivate works with the Adult Residential Center in the Johnson County, Kansas Correctional Facility to train people with marketable job skills when they are released.

Cultivate Inc. focuses on developing and protecting human dignity. “We are passionate about providing for our community. In partnership with county and state agencies, we help facilitate life stabilizing skills for gainful employment, job retention and family cohesion.”

One of their training programs is a certified welding class. Check out the video below.

Thank you Cultivate Inc. for the great work you’re doing in our communities.

One thought on “Cultivate Inc.: Bridging Gaps and Providing Opportunity

  1. For those who know something about welding, you’ll notice that the first part of the video was a “vertical up” weld. This is NOT an easy thing to do, yet this young woman performed it flawlessly. Believe it or not, the instructor for these students feels that women make better welders!

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